Aromatherapy Essential Oils

Dill Essential Oil

Dill Essential Oil

Anethum graveolens

Dill essential oil has a grssy odour and is pale yellow in colour having watery viscosity.

It originated in south-west Asia.

Extraction Method:
It is extracted from its botanical matter by steam distillation process.

Chemical composition:
Carvone, Eugenol, Limonene, Myristicin & Terpinene.

Therapeutic properties:
antispasmodic, carminative, digestive, disinfectant, emmenagogue, hypotensive, stimulant and stomachic.


  1. As Dill oil is powerful for children, gripe water made of Dill is given to children for digestive disorders.
  2. It also helps for digestive problems in adults, easing flatulence and constipation.
  3. It is used to ease the mind, calm headaches and also helps with excess sweating due to nervous tension.
  4. It can stimulate milk flow in nursing mothers.


  • It should not be used during pregnancy.

Blends well with:

Bergamot, Caraway, Nutmeg and all citrus oils.